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Susies Animal Ark Transport 

Small Animal Road Transport QLD NSW VIC SA

SUSIES ANIMAL ARK TRANSPORT - Small Animal Road Pet Transportation Service

Animal Ark Transport is now owned and operated by Susie Bell, a family owned business. With the support of her team Courtney, Tracey and Jordon, Animal Ark will continue to have extensive coverage throughout QLD NSW VIC and SA.

Susies Animal Ark will transport many different types of pets such as poultry, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl, peacocks, geese, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, lizards and many more including small livestock.

Our fleet of vehicles are fully climate controlled both Cooling & Heating. Fitted out with LED Lighting to simulate daylight during daylight hours. Our custom built cages ensure your pet is as comfortable and secure as possible for the duration of their journey.

The air in our vehicles is NOT recirculated for health reasons. Stale air is regularly expelled and fresh air introduced via the climate control system. Bio Security is at the forefront of all our thinking.

The animals are fed, watered and exercised as is appropriate to the animals needs for the entire journey.

Our Bio security is at the forefront of all our thinking, with each animal health checked prior to boarding. Sick animals are rejected ensuring only healthy animals board our transport vehicle.

Our staff are in contact with customers at all times. Delivery dates and ETA's are advised well in advance. Follow up messages are also sent on the day of delivery/pickup.

We are here to make your transport experience as simple and hassle free as possible.